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2 Antworten auf Masturbatorso

  1. Francis Juif sagt:

    Snowmen who masturbate melt the substance they are made of. this is one of the dangers of masturbation that i had never heard of. This week, masturbation is in the spotlight in the french press, which reports the case of a Japanese man whose assiduous practice of onanism has caused irreversible damage to the circulatory system of his brain. Let’s be careful!

    • Uwe sagt:

      Oh no, on the contrary: long live onanism. And there is not only one form. Writing also has something to do with satisfaction. Listening to music as well. I am a decided self-indulger.

      There is a nice little booklet by Harry Mathews: Singular Pleasures.
      ( )
      The author belonged to the Oulipo group. In the book he gathers close to 60 small texts in which he describes various practices of onanism with a great sense of comedy and grotesqueness. It is recommended to anyone who wants to indulge even more in the pleasure of themselves.

      The snowman was originally intact. Only the penis had turned out too big, so that it fell off. The other missing limbs were wantonly cut off. The snowman stood in front of a school. Perhaps it was too pornographic for some concerned parents. Unfortunately, I was too late. He was already ruined.

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